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What is the cost?
The cost of the program can differ from state to state and centre to centre. The price for a Community based NAB AFL Auskick centre will range between $85-$100. Please contact the centre coordinator listed via the centre locator to obtain the price for the centre you are interested in. After-school NAB AFL Auskick programs are $65.
Where is my nearest centre?
If you visit the NAB AFL Auskick website and click on the register button it will take you to the centre locator. From here you will be able to enter your postcode to view a list of the closest centres operating in your area with all of the relevant contact details and start times. If you know the name of the centre you are looking for you can also type in the name of the centre.
When does Auskick start?
If the starting date is not listed on the centre locator it is in the process of being organised at a local level.

Please contact the centre coordinator or regional manager listed on the centre locator for up to date information.
How long does the Auskick season go for?
NAB AFL Auskick centres will run anywhere between 6- 14 weeks depending on the centre and program offered. Please check with your centre to confirm their finish date.
What can I expect at Auskick?
An example of what you can expect at a typical Auskick session includes:
  • Introduction
  • Warm up games/activities
  • Skills i.e. Kicking, marking, handballing, bouncing
  • Grid/modified game
  • Encouragement awards, drinks and departure
What age can kids play?
The NAB AFL Auskick program is for primary school aged children 5 to 12.

(Children must turn 5 in the calendar year to participate)
What should kids wear to Auskick?
There is really no set uniform for Auskick sessions, just general sports clothing and either runners for football boots will be fine. Many kids also like to wear their favourite team’s colours and jumpers.
Who delivers the Auskick sessions?
Each centre has a NAB AFL Auskick coordinator who runs the administration side of each centre. Each age group will have a main coach and helper coaches. All parents are encouraged to get involved in NAB AFL Auskick and no experience is necessary.
How long does an Auskick session run for?
Sessions will vary on their length depending on your centre. Community NAB AFL Auskick centres will run for 60-90 minutes in duration.
Can I pay cash on my first day of Auskick?
NO CASH is taken by any NAB AFL Auskick centre. All payments for NAB AFL Auskick are made online at the time of registration. You can visit and pay via credit/debit card. Packs will only be sent out once online payment and registration is complete.
Can I still register mid-way through the season?
NAB AFL Auskick centre’s will start their 2017 programs generally in April and finish between July and August the start and end dates will vary a little between centres. You can certainly still register and go along to the next available session.

If you go to the NAB AFL Auskick website ( you will be able to use the centre locator function to view your closest centre. These centres will have a list of contact details to help provide further information.
I cant remember my password
Please visit the website and click on the register button. You can click on the “forgot my password” and a link will be emailed to you to help reset your password and then to complete the registration process.
My email address has changed and I can’t logon
Please email your state body your child’s name, address and the centre they are registered at and your old email address and the new email address you would like entered.

Victoria Auskick:
I can’t find my child’s Auskick number and/or password
Please visit the website and click on the register button. Click Re-register and then you will have the opportunity to click “forgotten your NAB AFL Auskick number and/or password” this will allow for an email to be sent through to you with new details to allow you to complete the registration process.
I am filling out the registration form but when I click “Next” nothing happens
If the registration form isn’t proceeding to the next page, often one of the questions hasn’t been correctly answered. Any unanswered fields should have red text above it outlining that the question hasn’t been answered.

Once all fields have been completed you will be able to proceed to the next page.
Can I pay for my children in one transaction rather than separately?
Yes, at the start of the registration process it will ask you to select the number of children you are registering. Simply select multiple children which will allow you to pay for all at once
I can’t select my school on the registration form
All schools should be on the list. Please ensure that the correct full name is entered including any apostrophes. If your school isn’t included on the list you will be able to select the “can’t find my school” option which will allow you to proceed. It would be helpful if you can’t find your school if you can email us the school name and address so we can add it to the system. Victoria Auskick:
I can’t select my school on the registration form
All schools should be on the list. Please ensure that the correct full name is entered including any apostrophes. If your school isn’t included on the list you will be able to select the “can’t find my school” option which will allow you to proceed.
My child is at kindergarten, how can I select a school on the registration form?
The system does not have kindergartens listed individually, please type in All Kindergartens and then Find, this will add Kindergarten as the school option for your child.
Can I make a change to the type of pack I am getting?
Unfortunately, no. You cannot change the type of pack you are getting. We have to stay within the allocated pack types.
How long will it take to receive my pack?
For those participants who register from January to late February your packs will be delivered to your home address in early March, prior to the Auskick season starting in April.

If you register from late February onwards, your pack will be delivered to your home address within 14 days of registering and paying.
Can I change the shipping address after I have paid for my pack?
Unfortunately no. Our production process is automated and the order information travels with the registration as it is being created. Please make sure you enter your postal address when completing your NAB AFL Auskick registration.
If my pack doesn’t arrive after the ten working days what do I do?
Please send through your participant’s full name, date of birth and Auskick centre to and we will follow it up and get back to you.
Is there an Auskick centre that caters for special needs kids?
We recommend you contact your local NAB AFL Auskick centre to see if they can specifically cater for your child’s needs. There are a number of AAA side by side groups established at a number of Auskick centres. For further assistance please contact your state office or check out the centres on this link
What is a AAA group?
AAA (all Abilities Access) Auskcik falls into 2 categories. There may be an AFL NAB Auskick centre that is purely for AAA participants. It is best to contact the centre coordinator to enquire if this centre is suited for your child. There are AAA side by side groups that run inconjunction with a mainstream NAB AFL Auskick centre. This allows the opproutnity for participants to participate in thier own group or have an option to participate in their grade level at any time when they feel comfortable to do so.
Are there All Girls Groups/Centres?
There are some all Girl’s NAB AFL Auskick centres available throughout the state. A number of centres also run an All Girl’s group side by side. Girls are able to participate in this group and at any time join their age appropriate group.
I registered late in the season so do I need to pay again next year?
The Auskick registration fee is a one off payment for the season and it cannot be rolled over from one season to another. The start and end dates of the program will vary a little depending on the centre you choose.
Can I receive a refund?
We understand that at times circumstances change for families and your child can not longer participate in the NAB AFL Auskick program. Please contact the State Office and we will inform you of the refund policy and process. If the pack delivery information has been sent to the mail house, then you will need to receive the pack, and return it to us in order to receive a refund.
Auskick Half Time at Etihad
Auskick participants are seated on Level 3 in Aisle 20. The participants have reserved seating but the seating in nearby aisles may be accessible to the general public if it has not been pre-sold.

If you purchase a General Admission ticket you might be able to sit in the aisle next to the Auskick participants, provided this area has not been pre-sold.

Tickets for matches at Etihad Stadium can be purchased either at the gate or pre-purchased through Ticketmaster ( or 136 100).

Check with your coordinator who will have received ionformation from the NAB AFL Auskick Half time volunteers.
Questions regarding MCG / Etihad half time games:
Unfortunately, not all Auskickers are able to participate in half time matches every year. Firstly, to be eligible, kids must be in grades 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. They must be registered and paid for the current year of Auskick. AFL Victoria allocates a certain number of games to regions based on the percentage of auskickers the region has in the state. Centres chosen to participate are picked by the region. Participants will then be chosen at the discretion of the Auskick centre.

Please note that roughly only 10,000 Auskickers are given the opportunity to participate out of the 50,000 Auskickers in the state so playing at half time is a privledge to those who get the opportunity. Any questions relating to allocations should be directed to your regional staff member.
I am a centre coordinator and have not received information about our half time game
You should have been contacted approximately a week prior to your game with all relevant information. Please ensure you check your emails (including junk mail) to see if it has been received. If you have not received the information by Tuesday the week before your game then please contact your Regional Football Manager.
How many tickets can parents get when child is playing Auskick/Grid Halftime
Each NAB AFL Auskicker gets one ticket for themselves and one for an accompanying adult if they are playing in a Grid Game. They get one ticket for themselves and two for an accompanying adult if they are playing in an Auskick Rules match.
Auskick participants playing in finals
Centre Coordinators in Victoria will be sent an expression of interest to participate in finals games through their Regional staff member. It should be noted that during finals Auskick participants receive a complimentary ticket but parents must purchase their own in the price category of allocated seats. Centres put in an expression of interest to participate and these opportunities will be spread throughout Victoria. No centre is guaranteed an opportunity.
Which Auskickers get to play on Grand Final Day?
NAB, the NAB AFL Auskick program’s major sponsor, select an NAB AFL Auskicker of the Week for 22 weeks across the season.

NAB contact the winners each week directly and it is these winners who go on to participate on Grand Final day and present the medals to the players.

The opportunity to register for the competition is open to all participants in the program and with over 175,000 participants across the country a large number register for the opportunity so with only 22 participants lucky enough to be selected it is as you can imagine a very popular competition. NAB make contact directly with winners a week or two out from when they are announced on Friday nights during the Channel 7 telecast.
Requests for footage and photo’s from Half time matches
The Auskick half time games are not filmed, the snap shots that are shown on TV are owned by the station that is showing the game (Channel 7 or Fox Footy). The best thing to do to obtain a copy would be to get in contact with the TV station that showed the game

We do not have a contact for anyone at Channel 7 in regards to obtaining this footage.
I am interested in sponsorship with Auskick:
The main sponsor for the Auskick program is NAB, along with a network of other sponsors. Applications for sponsorship would need to go through AFL Head Office.
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