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Age 5-12  All genders   Non-Contact  All skill levels

NAB AFL Auskick is the best way to introduce kids to the great game of Aussie Rules Football! It’s all about fun, getting hands on the ball and constantly being involved in exciting activities.

No AFL experience? No worries! Auskick offers an inclusive environment for everyone aged 5 – 12 at any skill level to play. 

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Less lining up, more play

We offer super fun game-based activities that kids absolutely love. All tailored for different ages and skill levels. What is Auskick?
Auskicker smiling and holding a NAB AFL Auskick football on a blue background with illustrated hula hoops, a soft spiky ball and an orange safety cone

Lots of places to play

We’ve got locations all across Australia waiting to welcome you. Find an Auskick centre
Illustrated map of Australia with numbers on the states representing the number of Auskick centres available in each

Big value for little kids

Aside from fun, footy and friends, Auskick offers amazing benefits like the chance to play half-time at the big stadiums! What’s included?
Blue NAB AFL Auskick backpack on a white background with a smiling Auskicker in front

Safety and inclusion for all

We offer non-contact activities in a welcoming, inclusive environment, so all kids can play and safely grow to their individual needs. More about safety and inclusion
Two Auskickers in action, one is kicking a ball and the other is holding a ball while running and laughing
Two Auskickers laughing on an orange background Two Auskickers laughing on an orange background

Join over 120,000 kids playing NAB AFL Auskick at 4,000+ centres across Australia

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Two Auskickers laughing on an orange background