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x1 football per Auskicker


x1 adult for the group



Ask Auskickers to line up on one side of the playing area, directly opposite their balls sitting on the far side of the playing area.

The coach is the “Angry Ogre” and must stand in front of the balls with their back to the Auskickers.


Auskickers sneak up behind the Angry Ogre to steal a ball. When the Angry Ogre turns around, Auskickers must freeze! If the Angry Ogre spots someone moving, they must go back to the starting line. 


When an Auskicker successfully grabs a ball, they shout “Angry Ogre”! Auskickers then run to grab a ball and race back to the starting line while the Angry Ogre aims to chase and tag as many Auskickers as possible.


If anyone makes it back without being tagged by the Angry Ogre, they win!

Reset the balls, line up the players, and start again.


Place only one ball on the ground! Once a player gets their hands on it, the Auskickers must play keepings-off against the Angry Ogre.

You’ll never hear more laughter than when “Angry Ogre” is in full flight, so be sure to practise your “Angry Ogre” impression! 

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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