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Chase the Bouncer

Time to practise bouncing the football!

x1 football per Auskicker pair


A stack of cones



Use your cones to create 10 x 10 metre squares within your playing area.

Give one player in the pair the football and have them stand by a cone. They are the ‘bouncer’.

Their partner stands at the diagonally opposite cone. They are the ‘tagger’.

Try to avoid having more than one Auskicker on a cone – so make as many squares as you need for your group. 


When you say “go”, the player with the ball runs around the edge of the square, bouncing the ball on each side of the square. 


The chaser attempts to catch the bouncer and tag them.

Then swap roles.   


Try having players take two bounces on each side of the square, or even three.


You can also try playing in threes instead of pairs. Have the extra player on the inside of the square next to the bouncer, giving and receiving handballs after each bounce.

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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