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Collect the Coins

Goal kicking, goal kicking and more goal kicking!

x2 footballs per team

(4 teams)

x1 adult per pair/team

(1 adult: Auskick pair ratio)

x1 set of goal posts


A stack of coloured cones



Set up the goals on the edge of the playing area.

Put four different coloured cones near the goals (close enough for Auskickers to kick).

Each team stands behind their own coloured cone (or “coin”). Randomly put cones around the playing area, in-between the teams and the goal posts (these are the “coins” the Auskickers will collect).

Make sure there’s equal numbers of each coloured cone (e.g. it might be four red, four blue, four yellow, four white).


On “Go”, the first member of each team kicks the footy from their own coloured cone towards goal. If they score a goal, they run and collect one of their team’s coins (for example the yellow team grabs a yellow cone). If they don’t score a goal, they don’t collect a coin.

It’s great if an adult can help behind the goals to grab runaway balls!


Once the Auskicker has their footy back, they run around the outside of the playing area and back to their own coloured cone. If they have a coin, they put it down by their own cone.


Wait until all four of the Auskickers are safely clear before the next four Auskickers have their shot for goal. Everyone takes their turn until all the coins are collected.

The first team to collect all their goals, wins!


Make it an exciting race to see which team can collect the most coins (of any colour).


The Auskickers can kick with different kinds of balls.


Try kicking with a longer run up.


Try having Auskickers add a bounce before they kick for goal.

Encourage your Auskickers to slow down and take their time with their kicks for goal. This helps their aim as they get excited in the rush to collect coins.

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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