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Diamond Break

Pick up the ball... now run!

x3 cones


A few bibs


A few footballs


x1 set of goal posts



Set up the goalposts on one side of the playing area and place three cones in a triangle a couple of metres apart at the other end.

Divide your players into groups of four – three will be attackers, and one will be a defender wearing a bib.

The attackers start on the three cones, and the defender starts in the middle of the playing area. The other groups wait their turn outside the playing area, close to the triangle of cones.  


Roll the ball to one of the attackers, who will pick it up.

The attackers then move the ball towards the goals by passing to each other, while the defender applies pressure and tries to intercept the ball. When the attackers are close enough, they can have a kick for goal.


The attackers then retrieve the ball and line up behind the other groups whilst the next team has a go.

Make sure that players take it in turns to be the defender within their group. 


Try getting teams to complete a specified number of passes before kicking for goal.


Try groups of five with two defenders and three attackers.


Move the triangle somewhere else in playing area.

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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Level 3 Session 3

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