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Give and Go

Give and Go has NAB AFL Auskickers picking up the ball and quickly handballing to teammates.

For each pair of Auskickers, you'll need:

x1 football


x2 cones



Place cones two to three metres apart.

Send an Auskicker to each cone and give one a footy.

Keep putting down more sets of cones until there is a set of cones for each pair of Auskickers. 


When you say “go”, player one rolls the ball towards player two, then follows the ball towards player two to get within close handballing distance.

Player two gathers the ball and immediately handballs to player one, who grabs it, and runs back to their starting cone.

Repeat at least five times and then swap roles.

Feel free to adjust the distances between cones, based on how far the Auskickers can roll and handball.


Next, have player one throw the ball high up in the air towards player two so that it bounces between them.

Player two must try to gather the ball after only one bounce.


Have player two start with their back towards their partner, who will yell “turn” just before rolling or throwing the ball.


Have the players roll or throw the ball at different speeds and angles.

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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