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Protectors and Destroyers

A great activity to improve spatial awareness!

x1 football for every Auskicker


A stack of cones



Scatter the cones within the playing area, placing half upside down.

Each player grabs a football.

Players are then divided into two equal teams and begin outside the playing area.  


One team are the ‘protectors’ and the other are the ‘destroyers’.

The protectors try to flip all the cones the right way up, the destroyers aim to flip all the cones upside down.

Players can only use their hands to flip cones.  


After a while, call “stop” and count how many cones have been flipped for each team.

Then repeat! 


Try having players hop, skip or move about the playing area according to your instructions.


Have the players bounce the ball at each cone before flipping it over.

Encourage kids to be aware of their surroundings and not run into each other.

Make sure they keep moving until you say stop.

Have a bit of fun with the scores and make it as even as possible! Best of three or five, etc.

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