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Round the Bend

This activity is seriously fun; it's all about teamwork and scoring goals!

A stack of footballs


x1 adult

(For the group)

x1 set of goal posts



Place the goals down on the edge of the playing area.

Split the group of Auskickers into two groups: attackers and defenders.

Have them line up on opposite sides of the square with the pile of footballs on the attackers’ side.


On “go!” a pair of attackers grab a footy between them and enter the playing area by running ‘Round the Bend’ of the cone next to them.


At the same time, a defender runs ‘Round the Bend’ of the cone next to them to face the attackers in the middle and try to tag them.

Attackers want to keep the footy away from the defender and get to the goal line without being tagged.


You can add in extra rules, like the attackers must do a certain amount of passing the ball to each other.

If the defender intercepts the ball or tags an attacker they win.

Points can be obtained by the below:

  • One point is given if the attackers are able to run the footy through the goals.
  • Five points if the attackers handball it through the goals.
  • Ten points if they kick a goal through the posts!

Once points are scored, or the defender wins, it’s time for new players to try going 'Round the Bend'.  


Try adding more players or up the number of passes they need to do before scoring.


The more players and passes they need to do, the more team work is needed.


Even try introducing a ‘shadow’ defender to follow the attackers into the playing area from behind them.

Make sure there are always more attackers than defenders!

When it comes to teamwork, it’s great to celebrate when a goal is scored; that’s what Auskick is all about!

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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