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Save the Castle

NAB AFL Auskickers will learn passing, marking and the importance of teamwork!

x1 football per Auskick pair


x8 cones


x1 adult for the group



Divide the Auskickers into pairs. For each pair, use eight cones to mark out two small “castles” a couple of metres apart and have each Auskicker stand in the middle of their castle. The space between the castles is the “moat”.


Auskickers take turns to handball or kick their footy into their partner’s castle nearby.

If their ball lands in the castle, they get one point. If the footy is caught or lands in the moat (the space in between the castle), they don’t receive points.


After a couple of minutes, combine pairs to make even bigger castles with more players inside. For example, go from 1 v 1 Auskicker, to 2 v 2, or 3 v 3 even up to 4 v 4.

With 2-on-2 or 4-on-4 games, Auskickers who mark the ball must handball it over to a teammate who kicks or handballs it back to the other castle. This will ensure everyone stays involved.


Award points for when the football is caught well by the Auskicker.


Put pressure on the Auskicker kicking through using a defender.

As the castles grow bigger, encourage Auskickers to communicate and to encourage one another. This is a great skill for the players to learn to bring to games.

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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Level 2 Session 3

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