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Tags and Tails

NAB AFL Auskickers will learn the art of chasing and dodging.

x1 bib per Auskicker

(If not available, use ribbons, jumpers, sashes, etc.)

x1 football per Auskicker


x1 adult per group



Auskickers need to spread out, wearing bibs sticking out of the back of their clothing like a tail.


On “Go!” Auskickers steal as many tails as they can from others adding stolen tails to the back of their clothing (chasing) and keep their own tail safe (by dodging).


Once an Auskicker has two tails, they give their next tail to someone without a tail, to help them learn about teamwork.

The game ends when everyone has swapped tails a few times.

Ask if anyone managed to keep their tail!

Then start again!


A change to this game is another called “Rucks and Rovers”.

Auskickers form parallel lines facing the coach who is at the front. One line is “rucks” and the other is “rovers”. Everyone wears a tail.

To start, call out either “rucks” or “rovers”. Whoever gets called, that line of Auskickers sprints to the edge of the playing area where it’s safe while the other side chases to tag them!  

Either rovers chase rucks, or rucks chase rovers and the team being chased get their tails stolen. Sometimes pretend you’re going to say “rucks” or “rovers” but instead trick with another R word, for example, “rabbits” or “rock’n’roll”! This keeps the Auskickers on their toes!

To keep the Auskickers safe, make sure no one tries to tackle another player while trying to steal their tail.

Level 2 Session 2

Level 2 Session 3

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