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What is Junior Football?

Junior Football is the natural progression from Auskick and other introductory Programs for kids interested in our great game! Junior Football is played at a local Community Football Club and will generally entail a training session on a weeknight and a game played on the weekend.


How long does the game go for?

Definitely not as long as an AFL or AFLW game! The games are shorter to ensure that our participants stay engaged and enjoy the experience. Please contact your local Club/League for exact game lengths, but the game will generally be 4 quarters of approximately 12 minutes each.


Will my child get injured?

Given it’s a physical sport we can’t guarantee your child won’t incur some physical injuries, but at the Junior level the rules are modified to make it as safe as possible for all players. This includes modified or no tackling, and no bumping. Please contact your local Club/League for specific rules for each age group.


Are players covered by insurance?

Absolutely! The registration fees paid to your local Club are inclusive of insurance costs.


The AFL ball they use is too big for my child, does this matter?

Absolutely not! The ball used in Junior games is much smaller than what is used in the elite AFL competition and as such is suitable for younger players.


My child isn’t that fit, they won’t be able to run around on such a big ground – is this a problem?

Of course not! Junior Football is played on a much smaller ground than the AFL, and sometimes 2 or 3 games can be played at the same time on a normal sized oval. AFL Football has a place for everyone regardless of their fitness or skill level.

My child doesn’t have well developed skills, I think they will struggle to get the ball – will this be an issue?

Junior football employs zones where players are restricted to certain areas of the field. This increases the chance of all players enjoying the thrill of having a kick, mark or handball. In addition, there are less players on the ground then at the elite level and all players should be given equal game time in each position whilst playing in the Junior age groups.


I don’t want to expose my child to a competitive environment so early in their life – how can this be addressed?

In Junior age groups the entire focus is on having fun and developing skills! As such, Leagues are encouraged to not keep scores in games and not have a ladder that ranks teams meaning that finals aren’t played.


What age can I play?

Please check with your Local Club/League in regards to what age groups they have available.

How much does it cost?

Registration fees are determined by local Community Clubs.


How long does the season go for?

The season length and dates can vary, but generally will run for approximately 10 weeks from April to July with breaks for School Holidays. Please contact your local Club/League to confirm specific dates.


What does my child need to wear whilst playing Junior Football?

Generally, players are encouraged to wear football boots & a mouthguard which need to be provided by the player. The rest of the playing uniform (socks, shorts and jumper) can be sourced via your local Club.


How do I find my local Club and register my interest?

Find your local Club at (insert link to search function) and get in touch with them for further details.