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Footy for Fun

Fun and fitness for the maturing sportsperson

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Age 35+  M/F  Limited Contact

Fun and fitness for the maturing sports person, whether novice or stalwart. The most important aspect of our game is that it is "Footy for Fun".

Women playing Masters football

What is Masters Football?

AFL Masters is football that allows mature players the opportunity to participate in our great game of Australian Rules Football and to compete with similarly aged players in a safe, well organised and enjoyable atmosphere.

Players 35 years and over can enjoy the game of Aussie Rules Football in a safe, supportive, family oriented and fun environment. AFL Masters welcomes all male and female players no matter what level of experience you may have. Every club has a mixture of veterans and newcomers alike. All you need is some basic fitness, a little commitment and a ton of enthusiasm.

Men smiling after a game

What to Expect at Masters Football

Clubs exist throughout the Australia playing every second weekend during the season (typically a Sunday). The fortnightly schedule allows for recovery time between games and also gives players and families plenty of time to themselves.

The opportunity to participate at a club level, to be competitive, maintain fitness and to above all enjoy your footy with your friends and family is the main motivation of the players. Although we all love to win, at this stage of our football journey, the social interaction and camaraderie between all teams, players, supporters and families is more important and as such is an important feature of AFL Masters. ‘Footy for Fun’ is what we call it.

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Masters Football for Women

Women’s Masters AFL began 4 years ago and has been riding the wave of new interest generated by the emerging AFLW competition. AFL Masters has extended the pathway for women to participate in AFL at any age and welcomes players ranging in age from 35 upwards to enjoy the classic Masters “Footy for Fun” experience. So, whether you are a retiring pioneer of the game or a newcomer to the game, AFL Masters has a range of playing opportunities on offer at both national and local levels.

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