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We welcome players with or without previous AFL experience, and with various level of fitness – we have many players who never played AFL before joining us, as well as coaches, team managers, field umpires, goal umpires, local committee members, and a range of fun and volunteer positions.

Some AFL Masters standing with a football Some AFL Masters standing with a football

Getting Involved

Basically, if you want to stay involved in this great game of ours, we’ve got a position for you – even if it’s manning the local BBQ or selling tickets in the club meat raffle!

We aim to provide the flexibility and affordability that allows people to play whenever they can.

Contact your local club or association to see what types of AFL Masters they offer – AFL 9’s, intraclub and training sessions, local club competition, or state and national carnivals – there’s a range of options available at most AFL Masters entities.

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About AFL Masters

The sport is governed by the AFL Masters National Board and is affiliated with the AFL. Games are played according to a standardised set of modified rules designed to reduce the risk of injury. AFL Masters football allows players 35 years and over to enjoy the game of Australian Rules Football in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment.

Rules of Play

AFL Masters includes some minor rule variations to maximise the enjoyment of the game while reducing the risk of injury for older players.

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Code of Conduct

AFL Masters have developed a Code of Conduct to ensure all games are played in the true spirit of Masters “Footy for Fun”.

Code of Conduct