Player Recruitment

A club’s ability to recruit new players is essential to club growth and sustainability.

Check out this 3-minute video with some great tips for player recruitment ideas.

Committee Make-up

In addition to some of the ideas presented in the video, your club would be aware that to achieve sustainable participation levels, you need to be (& be seen to be) a club that actively embraces a diverse participation base – gender, ability, age, background, cultural beliefs etc.

A big part of this community perception is that it is not only important that your club welcomes / encourages diverse participants, but also that your committee is reflective of the local community too. As a starting point you should look at your local community and assess which diverse groups are prominent. You should then assess opportunities to add to your committee so it embraces a wider range of backgrounds. This will help to generate more diverse thinking on topics. These roles could relate to a role(s) on the Committee &/or a specific community liaison role. This person can then be a connection point between your club and a local community and can open a significant market to help with player recruitment (& also retention).

Recruitment Social Media Tiles: