Coach FAQs & Resources Guide


The best way to have any of your questions answered in regard to CoachAFL is to get in touch with the coaching support team via email Our Coaching Support Team will be in contact with you to ensure you are properly supported and get the help you need!

Yes! CoachAFL accreditation is the National Accreditation standard and has been developed in conjunction with all state and territory affiliates

All relevant information, content and resources for Auskick coaches is available at It’s not a mandatory requirement for NAB AFL Auskick coaches to hold an AFL coaching accreditation or membership of coachAFL, however for Auskick coaches who wish to become members of CoachAFL, the most relevant membership and accreditation is Foundation Junior.

Foundation accreditation is the first level of accreditation and provides accreditation for coaches at a community, school or recreation level. It is recommended that coaches complete the Foundation Coach course relevant to the playing age they coach. E.g. A coach of an Under 10s team should complete the Junior Coaching Course.

CoachAFL requires anyone involved on match day should become an accredited member of CoachAFL. By completing one of our online Foundation courses you will have the knowledge and ability to have a greater influence on match day, and you will also be ready to coach in case you need to at any time!

You can access your current accreditation certificate through your personalised profile page in the members area on CoachAFL. This can be found at the bottom of your homepage after logging into CoachAFL, or in your 'My Learning' page. Simply find and click on the relevant coaching accreditation and click on the Feedback and Certificate link to access a PDF of your accreditation. This pdf is downloadable to mobile and can be printed off at your convenience. If you are unsure, you can always email to contact our Coaching Support Team.

CoachAFL Memberships and Accreditation expire at the end of each calendar year on December 31. At the beginning of each season coaches need to update their membership as this is connected to your registration as a coach.

Nothing! As part of a significant investment in Community Football, CoachAFL Membership is FREE for all coaches in 2023!

When re-accrediting as a coach, your membership to CoachAFL will be valid until December 31st of that year. For example, if you have a membership expiring 31st December 2022 and you re-accredit for season 2023, your accreditation will be renewed and will expire on December 31 2023.

CoachAFL offers an extensive library of articles, videos, downloadable PDFs and activities (drills) you can use at training and develop your own coaching! All of this content is exclusive to coachAFL members and is tailored to your playing group!

Of course they are! We want coaches to be able to access these resources on your way to the practice session and whilst you are training.

Absolutely! Once you have completed your online Foundation course the resources you see will automatically be filtered to the age of the playing group you coach. However, you can change this at any time by selecting an age group from our drop-down menu on the Resource Library page.

Yes! As long as you are an accredited member of CoachAFL you will have access to our extensive Resource and Activity (Drills) Libraries.

Yes! Once you have signed up and completed your online Foundation course you will have access to our extensive Resource and Activity (Drills) Libraries. If you want a taste of what these libraries contain, check it out on the Resource pages!