Disability Inclusion

Here at the AFL, we have a number of different ways people living with disability can get involved in our great game!


At AFL, we do our best to ensure any body can play. With initiatives ranging from inclusive NAB AFL Auskick, AFL Wheelchair, AFL Blind, AFL Deaf and more, we’re creating environments where everyone can feel like they fit, while also getting fit.

And we’re not doing it because it’s trendy or obligatory — we genuinely believe Australian Football is better when it’s accessible to all. So join us in celebrating the unique strengths and talents that individuals with disabilities bring to the game.


We believe that Australian Football should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. Our programs cater to individuals with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, blindness, low vision, and deafness or hearing impairment. 

National Events

The AFL runs two national events — the Toyota AFL National Inclusion Carnival and the Toyota National Wheelchair Championships.

Supporting people with a disability

Empowering Inclusivity: Your Gateway to Accessible Australian Football Resources and Interactive Experiences.

Types of disabilities

At the AFL we support all types of disabilities.