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NAB AFL Auskick (Ages 4-8)

No AFL experience? No worries!

NAB AFL Auskick is Australia's leading football initiative for children, introducing them to Australian Football. The program offers on-field activities, exclusive merchandise, and community events. NAB AFL Auskick welcomes kids turning 5 to 8 of all skill levels, focusing on fun and engagement. Parents can become Activity Helpers, enhancing the experience. Registered participants also get exclusive footy items and opportunities to play during halftime at key AFL and AFLW games.

Local Footy (Ages 7+)

AFL Local Clubs are the backbone of many communities and provide opportunities for Juniors right through to Masters, to participate in football competitions. Local Football caters for kids from the age of 7. Find out how you can experience the fun and camaraderie of Local Footy!

Junior Football is designed for kids aged 7-12, transitioning from NAB AFL Auskick or other beginner programs. It offers a safe, fun environment for skill development and play. Rules are modified for safety and enjoyment, with a focus on learning and camaraderie. The program also introduces competitive elements gradually, ensuring a positive experience. Girls can choose between single-gender or mixed teams up to age 14.

Youth Football caters to teens aged 13-17, offering a competitive environment to hone their skills. Tailored for all abilities, it's a progression from Junior Football, played within local Community Clubs. While adopting full Australian Rules, it ensures readiness for open age footy. Girls have dedicated competitions from age 14, focusing on fun, fitness, and skill development. Additionally, Youth X offers a modified, social footy experience on smaller fields, emphasising safety and enjoyment.

Senior Football caters to players aged 18+ and offers both social and sub-elite levels of play. Emphasising community involvement, it provides opportunities for men and women to enhance fitness, communication, and teamwork. The game is played under full Australian Rules, with varying grades based on team strength. Women's football has seen a surge in interest, leading to many standalone competitions. 

AFL Masters Football is tailored for individuals aged 35 and up, emphasizing "Footy for Fun." It provides mature players a chance to enjoy Australian Rules Football in a safe and organized setting. Clubs operate across Australia, playing fortnightly, typically on Sundays. The focus is on camaraderie, fitness, and enjoyment rather than just winning. Women's Masters AFL, inspired by the AFLW, welcomes women aged 35 and above, offering both local and national playing opportunities.

More ways to play

There are many more ways you can start playing footy - just have a look below.

8-12 years

NAB AFL Superkick

No experience or knowledge of footy is required. Smaller fields, gameplay, weekly sessions.

13+ Years


No experience or knowledge of footy required. This is our version of non-contact, modified footy.


Not in Australia and want to play footy?

Unified Under the AFL Banner

Embracing Diversity and Championing Inclusivity

At the AFL we believe in an inclusive culture that values equality. The AFL focuses on developing programs to increase engagement, participation, talent and social outcomes across our multicultural & indigenous communities, LGBTQIA+ communities and people with disabilities.

We believe in providing opportunities and pathways for all communities to be engaged in the great sport of AFL.

Safeguarding Children

To help support children, young people, families as well as coaches, umpires and those who deliver and support community football, the AFL has created a suite of resources and useful links to help foster a safe and welcoming environment.  

Situations where people simply feel uncomfortable at the club (or around certain people) right through to the worst-case scenario are things that every Committee and Club volunteer at local sporting clubs must take very seriously. Having any role at any grassroots footy club is important to help people enjoy their time whilst involved in a footy club and being connected within the community. If someone doesn’t feel safe however, it is a terrible situation.  

Keeping Children and Young People safe is the number one priority we have as a community – and nothing is different at footy clubs (even for senior footy clubs). Failing to at least try to keep kids safe whilst connected to our clubs in inexcusable.  

As a result, we have provided a wealth of information to help clubs navigate the complexity associated with this critical topic. Don’t be daunted by the range of information provided. Simply checking out the website is a good start. Remember - any action you take is better than taking no action.