Women & Girls


The game won’t grow without our women and girls. So we’re committed to keeping their participation a top priority and offer a range of resources designed specifically for growing their game, including the Women’s Football Vision, action plan, and clear pathways. 



Guidelines are key to keeping our women’s game safe and inclusive for all. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to help the girl’s game grow.


Want to know more about women’s acquisition, retention, and involvement in male dominated sports? Get in-the-know with our research below.



AFL National Female Community Football Guidelines

Resource that covers a range of topics – including age groups, rules, coaches / umpires, facilities, pregnancy & more

Inclusive Facility Guidelines

A detailed resource to help plan for the development of faciltiies that welcome all participants and umpires.

Safe and inclusive use of player and umpire room posters

Posters for rooms at the club. There are two versions available for download below, including a player room version and an umpire room version.