NAB AFL Superkick

It's never too late to get your footy fix!



NAB AFL Superkick is a modified version of AFL that focuses on skill development for 8- to 12-year-olds. That means - tackle free, highly social, shorter seasons and no training required! It’s a great way for those with zero or limited experience to get introduced to AFL and for those current or past players who want to keep fit and play some footy with friends.

Superkick programs continue to pop up in suburbs around Australia! Click here to find your local club or program!


Season dates will differ by the location, please visit our map to find your programs in your local area.

Runners or football boots and something you can move in! We'll provide you with bibs to help differentiate between teams in the match portion of the session. 


It’s really easy! Just visit our map, find a program near you and complete the simple registration form to get involved.

The AFL Superkick program is designed for individuals to register and come on down to a fun session full of skills and modified match play. We understand it isn't always easy to find enough friends to enter a team, which is why all registrations are individual! Each week you will be placed in a team for the match portion of the session. 

Find your closest program here and pricing information will be listed once you reach the registration form. 


Yes, all Superkick participants are covered by insurance. In the event of you needing to make a claim just let your program manager or our friendly customer service team know at 1800 PLAY AFL and they will guide you through the process.

This Public Insurance and Liability document details our general liability and certificate of capacity as applicable to Superkick.

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