Local Footy

Which level of footy is right for you?

Play Local Footy

Whether you’re a kid starting out, an up-and-coming star, or just casually keeping fit, local footy will grow your game and your friend group. 

Whatever your level, you’ll help foster a deep connection to Australia’s favourite game, while also strengthening connections between your family and new friends.

So, which level of footy is right for you?

Junior Footy

The game you love, but tailored to a smaller footballer.

Youth Footy

Whether you’re new to footy or a few years in, Youth Footy is designed with teens in mind.

Senior Footy

The full footy experience, for varied years of experience. Anyone 18+ is welcome to play and will be grouped by gender and grade

Masters Footy

Keep fit and have fun with casual footy. AFL Masters gives maturing players an outlet to enjoy footy beyond their mid-thirties.