We believe that Australian Football should be accessible to everyone, and our programs are set up to make sure people with disability can enjoy playing the game.

AFL Inclusion

AFL Inclusion has developed an adapted set of rules to ensure people with disabilities can still shine on the field. Inclusion competitions were designed for people with intellectual disabilities, so if you or someone you know is looking to compete, this is a great place to start.

The Toyota AFL National Inclusion Carnival provides a pathway for top players from the Inclusion competitions with an opportunity to represent their state or territory at the highest level. 

To find a competition near you, please contact us.

NAB AFL Auskick

While our NAB AFL Auskick centres are open to everyone, it’s possible to find centres that are set up specifically for people with disabilities. These centres are known as Access All Abilities Centres. We also offer a range of resources to assist families, coaches and coordinators, and you can find out more through our AllPlay Footy resources.

  • To find a centre that suits you, please contact us.
  • To find out more about Access All Abilities Centres, click here.

AFL Wheelchair

AFL Wheelchair was created in partnership with Disability Sports Australia and the Australian Defence Force to provide footballers the opportunity to play a competitive game of football, with or without a disability. Games are played between two teams of five in wheelchairs, plus interchange players. It’s played on a rectangular indoor court divided into thirds (like netball), with goal posts at either end. Similar to AFL Nines, positions include defenders, centres and forwards, and forwards are the only players who can score. A handball is equivalent to a kick, while an underarm throw — below shoulder height — is comparable to a handball.

We partner with Disability Sports Australia to host the Toyota National Wheelchair AFL Championship, which gives the country’s top players an opportunity to represent their state or territory.

To find a competition near you, please contact us.

AFL Blind

AFL Blind is an adapted version of Australian Football that enables people with blindness or low vision to play our great game.

The game is played indoors to support players who rely on their hearing to track the ball, where the ball is equipped with speakers which push out a continuous sound. Goal umpires use rattle shakers when the football enters the scoring zone so players can identify the location of the goal.

To find a competition near you, please contact us.

Governed by the AFL, AFL Blind provides people with blindness and low vision the opportunity to participate in Australian Football.

You can view the AFL Blind By-Laws here.

AFL Deaf

We’ve partnered with Deaf Sports Australia to test and develop a modified version of our game, specifically for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. We’re working with the community to design the game they want, with a key focus on developing communication cues to support player and umpire interactions.

To find out more about the project and when it will be available, please contact us.