What To Expect At NAB AFL Superkick

Whether you have played footy before or not, level up your game with Superkick!

Program Highlights for Parent/Guardians

New to the game, or a previous player? There is much to like about the NAB AFL Superkick program!

Here are a few highlights we think you’ll love.

One-handed tag replaces any form of tackle, removing any pressure on participants and allowing them to develop in an inclusive environment at their own pace.

Training and games all in one location. One session per week – how easy!

No long lines and no standing still for too long, Superkickers are always on the move in game style activities. This ensures they develop their skills in real-life scenarios and gets them ready for match play.

With an educational lens to umpiring, coaches are best placed to support participants in match play.

Similar to NAB AFL Auskick, parents can get involved as an activity helper, match umpire, or goal umpire!

What can Superkickers expect?

NAB AFL Superkick sessions run for approximately one hour and are split between skill games and activities focused on developing skills and confidence of Superkickers. These skills are then put into action in tackle-free, modified match play each and every week.

Bring the energy! Where participants lift the energy, vibes and get moving in skill-based warm up games.

The focus is on play, movement, and fun!

Let’s activate… our skills! Here, in skill-based games, Superkickers can develop their skills and perform them in a variety of different scenarios.

Activator activities aim to develop fundamental skills of participants and get them ready for match play.

Participants explore the game of Australian Rules Football through Modified match play.  

Each team consists of only 5-9 players per team, allowing more touches of the football for all.  With three zones on field, all players get a chance to experience all positions and level up their footy!

Superkick is a tackle-free program, promoting an inclusive and engaging environment for all participants to develop and have loads of fun along the way!


We want girls to feel comfortable and safe playing Superkick! All-Girls options are available, whether that be an All-Girls centre or group at a program, there is something for all.

Find your local centre that offers this option.


At Superkick, safety is our top priority. Tackle-free play, plus softer, smaller footballs make it suitable for any age and ability.