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What is Auskick?

NAB AFL Auskick is the best fun kids can have being active! In weekly sessions kids will explore the world of AFL, building football skills and playing in a safe and super fun setting. Expect small groups, heaps of games and parent/guardian involvement.

How do I find my nearest centre?

Go to and using the centre locator search either your postcode, suburb or Auskick centre name. If you have any issues or would like to start a new centre please email

When do registrations open?

Registrations open at different times around Australia. State/Territory specific timelines can be found below:

  • ACT: Community Centre currently opened for 2020. Term 3 School Centres finish end September; Term 4 centres opening start October
  • NSW: Community Centre currently opened for 2020. Term 3 School Centres finish end September; Term 4 centres opening start October
  • NT: Term 4 - opening soon. Term 2 - opening early February  
  • QLD: Community Centre currently opened for 2020. Term 3 School Centres finish end September; Term 4 centres opening end of September
  • SA: 1st November
  • TAS: Opened for 2020
  • VIC: Opened for 2020
  • WA: Opened for 2020
How much does it cost and how can I pay?

Costs for NAB AFL Auskick varies between locations and centres. If you go to our website and find the centre you wish to register for it will display the price on the locator.

I missed a couple of weeks, is there a reduced fee?

Unfortunately, not. Our NAB AFL Auskick registration fee is a flat fee and there is no reduction if you have missed a couple of weeks.

What age can my children play?

Children can start playing NAB AFL Auskick in the year that they turn 5. Children can participate in Auskick until they are 12, however, some States and Territories have different pathway options.

What age does my child have to be to play Auskick in WA?

Junior and Youth Football in WA is aligned to the prospective participants school year to allow players to engage in Football with their friends that they attend school with. In consideration of the typical age ranges for NAB AFL Auskick, all participants born within the PP-YR2 date range in 2020 must register for NAB AFL Auskick to be covered by insurance.  In some regional areas older children can also register for Auskick due to distance and population. Centres that offer the Starkick All Abilities Program also accept registrations of older players. To find out about more about Starkick, please email To find out the age ranges for each centre, click here.

Do you have any girls only groups?

Yes, we do. We have some girls only centres and some centres that run girls only groups. You can search for these locations via For further assistance please contact our Auskick customer service team at

Do you have any access all abilities centres?

Yes, we have many centres that have listed themselves as access all abilities. You can search for these locations via We are also happy to contact centres on your behalf to provide the coordinator more information about your child or assist in finding a great place to play footy. For further assistance please contact our Auskick customer service team at

Do I have to wait with my child?

For any community/club Auskick centres an adult needs to be present for your child for the duration of the session. We love all parents/guardians to assist at Auskick so why not get involved in your child’s group.

How long does NAB AFL Auskick run for?

Sessions will vary on their length depending on your centre. Most centres will run for 50-90 minutes.

Who delivers the Auskick sessions?

Each centre has a NAB AFL Auskick coordinator who runs the administration side of each centre. Each age group will have a main coach and helper coaches. All parents/guardians are encouraged to get involved in NAB AFL Auskick and no experience is necessary.

What does my child need to wear at NAB AFL Auskick?

There is no set uniform for Auskick sessions, just ensure your child is comfortable to be able to participate in all activities. We recommend sports clothing and either runners or footy boots. Many participants choose to wear their AFL team’s colours and jumpers.

What do I get in my pack and when can I expect it?

For Community/Club participants your child will receive their pack to the postal address that you listed on their registration form. Information on what is in each pack can be found here

For School and Modified participant’s packs will be handed out at your centre. Please click here to find more information on your pack items.

How long will it take to receive my child’s pack?
  • Community/Club Packs: will start to be dispatched to participants that are fully paid from December. Delivery of packs is being completed as soon as possible once a child is registered. We promise it is worth the wait! Each pack is personalised with your child’s preferred name and their chosen AFL club of support.
  • School/modified: these packs will be handed out during the weekly sessions. Please ensure payment has been made so your child can receive their pack
My child is in Community/Club Auskick and they have not received their pack. What do I do?

Please check the email address that you nominated on your child’s registration form for an email regarding estimated delivery date. If you have still not received your pack or your email please contact and include your child’s name and the centre they are registered at so we can assist you as quickly as possible.

I have paid for my child’s Auskick registration and we have now changed address. Can I change this?

Unfortunately, once payment has been made and you have confirmed your postal address we cannot change the delivery address of your pack. This is because we are already working as quickly as we can to get the pack to your child. Please contact if you believe you have made a mistake and we will work through this with you. There will be additional costs involved for a reprint and dispatch of each NAB AFL Auskick pack

Can my child transfer from one Auskick Centre to another?

Yes. Simply email and we will help to find you a new Auskick Centre. There is no cost to transfer but the new Auskick Centre does need to approve the transfer. The NAB AFL Auskick customer service team will be able to sort out this approval for you.

Can I change the type of pack my child receives?

Each child will receive a specific pack based on the Auskick program they are completing in. This year, for the first time, Community participants will be able to select a complimentary item as part of their pack, more information can found here. All other items in the Community pack and all other packs unfortunately can not be changed. 


What do I do if I have an issue with an item in the Auskick pack?

If you have any issues with any items in the Auskick pack please contact our friendly customer service team

Can we buy any items that are provided in packs?

Unfortunately you can’t purchase items from the Auskick pack as these are super cool exclusive Auskick items.

I am having trouble registering or logging into my account

Changed your email?

Please email with your child’s name, address and the centre they are registered at and your old email address and the new email address you would like entered.

Never registered before?

If you are having issues please contact

Can I pay for more than one child in one transaction rather than separately?

Yes, at the start of the registration process it will ask you to select the number of children you are registering. Simply select multiple children which will allow you to pay for all at once.

How do I pay for Auskick?

You can pay for Auskick online via credit card or debit card at the end of the registration process. Cash payment directly to your Auskick centre is not an accepted method of payment. 

Wet weather

In some cases where our staff and volunteers deem it unsafe Auskick will not run. Volunteers and staff will endeavour to provide this information prior to the session if practically possible.

Game Day Live

Game Day Live is currently being reviewed for 2020.

Auskick Junior Membership



2020 Auskick Junior Membership Entitlements 




Terms and Conditions

Adelaide General Admission Access to 3 home games
Brisbane General Admission Access to 4 home games excluding Rd 4, 8, 17 & 23. Away access to Rd 1 and 16.
Carlton General Admission Access to 4 Melbourne home games
Collingwood General Admission Access to 4 home games
Essendon General Admission Access to 4 home or away games in Melbourne excluding ANZAC Day
Fremantle Access to Round 4, 9, 14 and 16 at Optus Stadium. This membership does not provide entry. To redeem your ticket(s), visit
Geelong General Admission Access to 4 home games at GMHBA Stadium & MCG
Gold Coast General Admission Access to 5 home games at Metricon Stadium
GWS General Admission Access to Rd 1, 6 & 9
Hawthorn General Admission Access to 4 home or replacement games in Melbourne or Tasmania only
Melbourne General Admission Access to 4 Victorian home games
North Melbourne          General Admission Access to 4 home games in Melbourne or Hobart only
Port Adelaide General Admission Access to 4 Power home games and 1 away game at Marvel Stadium or the MCG
Richmond General Admission Access to 4 home games
St. Kilda General Admission Access to 4 home games
Sydney General Admission Access to 3 matches at the SCG, MCG or Marvel Stadium
West Coast 3 home game access (pre-booked through Ticketmaster; pre-determined matches); away game access at Marvel Stadium and MCG. The club will communicate instructions to upgrade by email or visit
Western Bulldogs General Admission Access to 4 Melbourne home or replacement games

*All entry is subject to capacity

Government Vouchers

There are several State/Territory Governments that provide vouchers to participants to reduce the cost of participation in children’s sport. The following States/Territories have sports vouchers:

  • Northern Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia

You will be given the option on the Auskick registration form to redeem these vouchers at the point of registration.

I can't find my child’s school on the registration form?

We are sorry to hear about this! Please contact our team at to get this sorted for you.

Who gets to play at half time?

NAB AFL Auskick participants are selected from the State/Territory where the games are being held.

My child is playing at half time, how many tickets will we receive?

Your centre coordinator will receive communication from the venue managers of the venue who are hosting the match. This will include all information including: meeting time, location, what to wear and bring, ticket allocation and much more

My child/centre has not been selected to play at half time. How do we get to play a game?

Unfortunately, due to a large number of registered NAB AFL Auskickers, not all participants get to play at half time. We recommend touching base with your centre coordinator or Regional AFL staff member for further information.

My child played at half time, can I get any photos or videos of them?

The NAB AFL Auskick half time games are not filmed, the images that are shown on TV are owned by the station that is showing the game (Channel 7 or Fox Footy). The best thing to do to obtain a copy would be to get in contact with the TV station that showed the game. Unfortunately, we do not take photographs of children participating at half time

Who gets to play during the Toyota AFL Finals series?

NAB AFL Auskick participants are chosen through centre coordinators in each State and Territory (where game is being played) who put in an expression of interest to play.

How do you decide who gets to play on Grand Final Day?

We have two groups that play on Grand Final Day: the 22 NAB AFL Auskickers of the Year and 48 participants from the Victorian NAB AFL Auskick Volunteer of the Year. For your chance to be one of the 22 NAB AFL Auskickers of the Year enter the competition here.

Who gets to present medals to the winning Grand Final team?

The 22 medal presenters on Grand Final Day are the NAB AFL Auskickers of the Year. To enter the competition please click here.


Information about the insurance scheme for NAB AFL Auskick can be found here.

Do you have a refund policy?

We sure do. You can click here to read about our refund policy in the terms of participation.

What happens if I register my child for Auskick but they should be playing Junior Football?

Unfortunately, no refund can be offered. Therefore, it is important to make sure you are registering your child for the right age group. Information on what age group Auskick is designed for is provided on the first page of the registration form.

Where can I find the Auskick terms of participation?

You can click here and it will take you straight to where you want to go.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

If you click here it will tell you everything you need to know.

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