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Coast to Coast

A classic relay race that relies on teamwork and testing footy skills learnt.

x2 footballs

One for each team

x1 cone for each Auskicker


x1 set of goal posts


x2 adults

One for each team


Use the cones to create two different coloured lines leading up to the goal posts.

Each line is a team and each Auskicker must stand by their own cone.


The objective for each team is to get their ball from one end of the line to the other end (“Coast to Coast”).

To do this, Auskickers pass the ball to their teammates by using different skills. For example, the first Auskicker may roll the ball to the next Auskicker, then the next may handball.

The last Auskicker has a kick for goal!


The Auskicker gets back the ball and races to the start of the line with team mates moving down one spot to the next cone.


Swap the colour of every second cone so Auskickers roll, handball or kick to their team mate diagonally.


Have a race – which team can get their ball back to the start point first?


Award points to teams when they score a goal!


Get Auskickers who are feeling confident to use their opposite hand or foot!

This game is all about teamwork, so encourage everyone to cheer their teammates on!

If an Auskicker is having trouble with a skill, try something easier like throwing or rolling the ball.

Change it to make it work for your group and have fun!

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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