NAB AFL Superkick

Heaps of skills, activities and tackle-free match play


NAB AFL Superkick is for anyone aged 8-12 wanting to get a feel for footy, without the pressure. It’s a great next step after Auskick or a good way to start fresh in footy, as you’ll learn new skills through skill-based activities in weekly sessions, then show them off in games straight after.


It’s Australian rules football, without the tackling. Teams range from 5-9 players per side, so kids feel safe learning footy and building confidence, while still having fun. Your program runs for 6-10 weeks with one session per week.

Each session starts with 15 minutes of skills before putting those skills into action with 45 minutes of fun, modified game play.


Aside from 10 weeks of fun and friendships, NAB AFL Superkickers at a community centre also get an exclusive Superkick kit. The kit contains a sports bag, precision footy to practice your skills, pump, socks and a bracelet!