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Footy Magic Tricks

Now it's time to increase NAB AFL Auskickers' confidence using a footy!

x1 football for each Auskicker


x1 football for each adult

(1 adult: group ratio)


Spread the players out in an area with everyone holding their football ready for when you call out a football “magic trick!”


The coach calls out different “magic tricks” for the Auskickers to follow. For example:

  • Figure eight - move the ball in between and around the outside of each leg, like a number 8. 
  • Wrap the ball around your body - move it around you in a circle shape.
  • Throw the ball up - clap before catching it or catch it behind your back.
  • Pass the ball - side-to-side with a partner or through the legs.
  • Hopping or Robot walks!


Use your imagination for different magic tricks! Fun changes can include dodging opponents while holding the football.


Pretending to do an awesomely spectacular catch of the football (known as “taking a speccy”).

There are many “magic tricks” you can come up with when it comes to just having fun with the footy.

Keep the Auskickers guessing what’s next. This will quickly become a favourite game!

Level 1 Session 3

Level 1 Session 4

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