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Goal Master

Teach NAB AFL Auskickers to track and gather a moving ball!

A stack of cones


x1 football per Auskicker pair



Auskickers are in pairs. For each pair, use two cones to create a goal line (about two to three metres wide) near the edge of the playing area.

Use two more cones to make another goal line opposite it about 10 metres away.

Send an Auskicker to each goal line, and give one of them a footy.

Replicate this setup as many times as you need. 


When you say “Go”, the player with the ball drops it onto their foot, kicking it along the ground towards the opposing goal line.

The opposite partner tracks the ball and attempts to stop it going through the goal line.


A point is awarded each time the ball goes through the goal line.

After a while, swap the pairings.  


Try to get players to experiment with different ways to kick the ball along the ground, or kicking with their alternate foot.

Make sure the kickers are changing the type and direction of their kicks.

This activity is about finesse and control, not kicking as hard as they can.

Encourage the ‘goalie’ to put their body behind the ball and to not be afraid of the footy.

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

Level 3 Session 2

Level 3 Session 3

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