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Super Boot

Kick a target and kick distance; that's what you'll master with Super Boot!

x1 football for every Auskicker


A stack of cones

(Two different colours only)


Divide the playing area into three zones using the different coloured cones.

Line the players up on the edge of the playing area.

The zone furthest from the players is the ‘Six Point Zone’.  

The middle zone is worth three points and the closest is worth one point. 


When you say “Go”, all the players kick for the six-point zone.

Then on your call, they run and pick up the ball, and return to the kicking line to try again.  


Then try calling out different zones for players to aim for.

Remember to check out the Handy Hints for tips on kicking technique!


Try taking a running bounce before kicking, or kicking with different types of balls.

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

Download Tip Sheets

Level 1 Session 2

Level 1 Session 3

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