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Become an Activity Helper

Lend a hand with Auskick activities on the day. It’s heaps of fun and so rewarding!

Auskick helper and Auskicker practising handballing on the field

What’s an Activity Helper?

Activity Helpers, usually parents, help out with Auskick activities during the session. From being an Angry Ogre to cheering everyone on, being an Activity Helper is as fun as it is rewarding! It’s easy too - you don’t need any footy experience, and you’ll be shown what to do on the day. 

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Auskick needs you!

The activities that run each week at your local Auskick centre rely on helpers pitching in to lend a hand to make the activities even more awesome. Your involvement ensures each week of Auskick is absolutely amazing, and that your Auskicker is having as much fun as possible! Every Auskick centre needs Activity Helpers, so we’d love for you to get involved!