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Become an Activity Helper

Lend a hand with NAB AFL Auskick activities on the day. It’s stacks of fun and seriously rewarding!

What’s an Activity Helper?

Activity Helpers, typically parents, jump in to lend a hand with NAB AFL Auskick activities on the day. From being an “Angry Ogre” to cheering on their Auskicker and their friends, being an Activity helper is stacks of fun and seriously rewarding! It’s super easy to help out, requires no footy experience or knowledge at all and you’ll be showed everything you need. Every Centre needs Activity Helpers, so get involved!

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Auskick Needs You!

The activities that run each week at your local Auskick Centre rely on helpers pitching in to lend a hand to make the activity seriously awesome. Your involvement as an Activity Helper ensures each week of Auskick is absolutely amazing and that your Auskicker is having as much fun as possible! Every Auskick Centre needs Activity Helpers!

How to Become an Activity Helper

Select the ‘Activity Helper’ option in the ‘We need your help’ section when you register your Auskicker using the online form. If you’ve already registered or not sure how you can help out, simply contact your Auskick Centre Coordinator.


Activity Guides

Discover the type of activities you'll be helping out with in our library of weekly activity guides.

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