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Auskick Coordinators

Coordinators combine passion, training and communication skills to facilitate a centre that involves the community and adheres to its core values.

What’s an Auskick Coordinator?

The Centre Coordinator is the key figure behind everything that happens at a NAB AFL Auskick Centre – they make the whole experience tick. It’s a volunteer role, typically for parent of an Auskicker participating in the program, but anyone with a passionate approach to footy or a love for making a difference in the community can do it!

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Running a Centre

Coordinators, coaches and activity helpers from Bulleen Auskick centre give an insight into what it’s like to run a NAB AFL Auskick centre.

Responsibilites & Commitments

If you’re coordinator or thinking of becoming one here’s what the role entails



Attend all state or regional meetings as required. These meetings are an essential component of the coordinator’s year. They inform the coordinator of the resources available and responsibilities toward the program.


Advertising & Recruiting

Help promote your local NAB AFL Auskick centre through the marketing assets, flyers and collateral provided to you. Encouraging past participants to return for the following season, and promoting your centre through local networks, schools and community groups.


Facilitating Parent Participation in Program Delivery

Parent Helper involvement is essential to help your centre deliver an awesome program experience. The coordinator plays a key role in helping identify parents to help deliver the program and delegating roles at the centre to encourage maximum involvement from parents/guardians.


Cultivating Community

Coordinate in good faith a community focus, giving recognition to volunteers, and ensuring that all organizational requirements of a NAB AFL Auskick centre are adhered to. Maintain a community focus.


Maintaining Resources

Distribute benefits and maintain resources. The coordinator is responsible for performing this role, but can appoint someone to coordinate all equipment.


Providing Feedback to AFL

We encourage our coordinators to provide feedback to the AFL to help improve the program, support and resources available to our volunteers, who are so vital to the success of the program.

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