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Footy Skills Lab

Grab a footy, test your skills and share your progress with the help of Google’s technology.

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Get ready to test your skills with Google’s Footy Skills Lab - an interactive experience powered by Google AI. Learn new skills, try the activities and generate your scorecard to share with friends and family.

Why did we build it?

Google and the AFL believe that every Aussie - no matter their age, ability, gender, location, culture or socio-economic status - should have access to the same tools to improve their health, knowledge, success and happiness.


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How it works

There are three skill areas to score. Ball handling, reaction time and power. Each skill contains a series of short video tutorials, followed by a tracked activity.

Footy Skills Lab uses your smart phone’s camera and Google AI to recognise and track an AFL footy. By understanding where the ball is within the frame, the AI models can track and score your movements.


What's new? AFL Wheelchair Activities!

This year, we’ve added the option to complete the activities standing, or in a wheelchair. Learn from your AFL Wheelchair stars who will help you develop your ball control and chair skills.


Want to bounce like an ump?

We’ve also added umpiring activities this year to help you build your skills as an umpire.

AFL umpire Nathan walks you through different levels to perfect the skills in starting the game with a ball up or a bounce. Make sure you’re always listening to the instructions and be extra careful when testing these skills.

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Ready to Play?

All you need is an AFL ball, your mobile phone and some space.

Scan the QR code to try it on mobile now!


How does Footy Skills Lab work?

Footy Skills Lab is powered by Google AI. Using Machine Learning, we trained the platform to recognise and track Aussie Rules footballs within the phone’s camera frame.

Why doesn’t it work on my computer?

Footy Skills Lab is designed to work on mobile devices, so you can do the activities in a safe, open environment.

Does it support players who use a wheelchair?

Google worked with the AFL’s disability inclusion team, and people with lived experience, to provide adaptions for people who use a wheelchair.

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, the experience is a web application that runs through your smartphone’s browser. It will need a connection to the internet.

Does it save any personal information?

No, this experience is contained within your device, we don’t ask for, or store any personal data. 

What accessible functions are available?

Footy Skills Lab has added a range of accessibility functions. Adding captions, or slowing down the speed of the activities, are functions options you can select.



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