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AFL Community Concussion Guidelines

Explore the detailed guidelines on managing sport related concussion in Australian Football with a special supplement for the management of concussion in children and adolescents.
View Guidelines: The Management of Sport-Related Concussion in Australian Football
Section 1

Webinar: Practical Guide to Concussion Management

AFL Medical Director of AFL Community and Talent Pathways, Dr Anik Shawdon presents a practical guide to concussion management for local footy. This webinar provides an overview of concussion, the important of understanding roles and responsibilities on match-day and at training as well as the stages of a safe return to play.
Section 2

Day of Injury Management

The most important steps in the initial management include (a) Recognising a suspected concussion, (b) Removing the player from the match or training session, and (c) Referring the player to a medical doctor for assessment.

Use tools to assist with the initial steps in recognising a suspected concussion, removing the player from the game, and referring them to a medical doctor for assessment.

  • View Tool: Match Day Head Injury Assessment Tool and Referral Form (13+ years of age) (2 pages)
  • View Tool: Match Day Head Injury Assessment Tool and Referral Form (12 years of age and under) (3 pages)
  • View Tool: Concussion Recognition Tool 6 (CRT6)
  • View Tool: HeadCheck app
  • View Tool: Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 6 (SCAT6)
  • View Tool: Child Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (Child SCAT6)


NOTE: the SCAT6 is for use by medical doctors only and facilitates the assessment of players within the acute phase of concussion (i.e. within 72 hours of injury)

Section 3

Return to Play

The four stages for return to play following concussion include (1) a brief period of relative rest (24-48 hours), (2) a period of recovery, (3) a graded loading program (with medical clearance required for return to full contact training), and (4) unrestricted return to play.

Use resources to assist with return to play following a concussion.

  • View Flowchart: Four Stages of Graded Return to Play (1 page)
  • View Form: Medical Clearance Form (1 page)
  • View Tool: Sport Concussion Office Assessment Tool 6 (SCOAT6)  

NOTE: the SCOAT6 is for use by medical doctors only and facilitates the assessment of players from 72 hours following injury.


Section 4

Videos & Testimonials

Watch videos where AFL players like Jack Riewoldt and Jude Bolton discuss their experiences and the seriousness of concussions in the sport, providing real-world insights into the impact and importance of proper management.

Watch Video: Jack Riewoldt discusses his experience

Watch Video: Jude Bolton discusses concussion seriousness

Section 5

Coaching & Skill Development

Explore posters designed to assist coaches in preparing players with the skills necessary to play safely and understand the importance of recognising and managing concussions.



Section 6

AFL Online Concussion & Injury Management Module

This education module has been designed by the AFL for Community Sport Trainers, First Aiders to provide information and awareness of the AFL's Community Football Concussion Guidelines and medical treatment requirements. Anyone involved in local footy is encouraged to complete this module by creating an account at the link provided.

Module: Concussion & Injury Management in Football