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Embracing diversity will set up you club for sustained success. Club’s represent your community with the unique histories, cultures and people within it. Ensuring you are welcoming, supportive and encouraging to all in your community will ensure your club is view positively. Actively embracing diversity regardless of age, ability, background, skill, race and religion will improve your club with a chance to grow with an improved culture, more players, more volunteers, more funding, more sponsors making a difference to your community.
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Fair Play Series - Episode 1 – First Nations

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Fair Play Series - Episode 2 - Disability

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Fair Play Series - Episode 3 – LGBTQIA+

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Fair Play Series - Episode 4 - Multiculturalism

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Gender Diversity

It is important to consider how Australian Football reflects the community where not all people involved in Community Football will identify as either male or female.

The AFL Gender Diversity Policy – Community Football can assist as a resource to help guide local football clubs through what can appear on the surface as a complex matter.

Gender Diversity Policy
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Disability Inclusion

The AFL is proud to provide support clubs to ensure there is an opportunity for all to play AFL. The AFL is a proud partner with Sport4All and AllPlay
How to talk to a person with disability Supporting a person with disability Understanding misconception and bias Accessible venue checklist Making a person with disability feel welcome What an inclusive club can look like Age dispensation policy
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Inclusivity-Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders

Cultural inclusion is paramount within sporting clubs.

 It must be at the forefront of our actions to ensure everyone is included. Special attention is needed to make sure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel welcome in our football clubs. There are various measures we can adopt to ensure this cultural inclusivity. This document will guide your club through ideas and best practices for the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Guide to themed events

Footy, integral to Australian culture, is more than just a game.

Both at the national level with the AFL and within local communities, themed rounds celebrate broader societal values and causes. These events, often symbolized with commemorative jumpers, not only bring attention but also educate members on significant topics. While themed rounds spotlight these causes, it's vital that the messages they convey are echoed throughout the season, ensuring continuous awareness and celebration.

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