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PlayHQ brings community football leagues, clubs, players and venues together on a single platform – everything from registrations, payments, fixtures, live scoring, statistics and competition management. Browse through the links below to book into live webinars, download user guides, view specific ‘how-to’ videos and access one-on-one tailored support.
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User Guides


Community Club User Guide (Updated 30 Jun 2023)

Community League User Guide (Updated 30 Jun 2023)

Community Team Manager User Guide (Updated 1st Feb 2023)

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Need help with your PlayHQ account? Access the PlayHQ support centre here.
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Multi-Factor Authentication

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Season Setup Checklist

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How To Register

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Information for coaches

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Local Footy Documents Portal

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Additional Resources

These additional guides will help you get the most out of the PlayHQ platform with information on our integrated Communications (Mailchimp) and Website platforms, along with answers to some commonly asked questions.

  • Create a QR Code for your Club Registration Form - QR Codes are very handy for potential participants who can easily scan the code on their phone which will take them straight to your Clubs Registrations. An example of how these can be implemented within your Club maybe on some Flyers or Marketing material which you may put up around your community, on your social media pages, website or perhaps simply email out to prospective members too. They are very quick to create, to find out how simply click here to watch the how-to video.
  • Translate your Club Registration Form to any other language - You may have a participant(s) looking to register to your Club who come from a non-English speaking background and may be more comfortable in reading your Clubs Registration Form in their native language instead of English. Google Chrome browser now has the ability to easily translate your Club Registration Form into any language very easily. To find out you can do this at any time, simply click here to watch the how-to video.
  • Website options available to Leagues & Clubs - Information on the options available to Leagues & Clubs around Websites.
  • How to Integrate Mailchimp Communications - This guide has been designed to help you understand how to set up and synchronize your Mailchimp account with PlayHQ so your club can easily and efficiently communicate with your participants.
  • Mailchimp Setup Training Session - This pre-recorded webinar will give an overview of the benefits of MailChimp, how to connect Mailchimp with PlayHQ, and simple steps to start sending emails. Accompanying presentation slides can be viewed here.
  • Communication Guide for Community Clubs - There are many options available to you when communicating with your audiences; this guide gives an overview of the best options for different types of messages.
  • Need some one-on-one assistance? Click here to book a 30-minute session to help.


PlayHQ Connect Newsletter

Our newsletter features PlayHQ's newest updates and features and is communicated via eDM with registered PlayHQ admins only. See our last three versions:

June 12th, 2024: Read Release Notes | Watch Release Notes

May 28th, 2024: Read Release Notes | Watch Release Notes

May 14th, 2024: Read Release Notes | Watch Release Notes

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How-to Video Tutorials

Find all the help you need in the below videos.

Click here for all video tutorials.

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Is there an app for PlayHQ?

Yes! We have an app that houses fixtures, ladders, results and statistics. This is a fan app to follow your favourite local footy players and teams. 

Download the App for iOS (Apple), here.
Download the App for Android devices, here.

Where can I learn how to use Play HQ?

We have a range of training and education resources available, click here to navigate through information on how to book into live webinars, download user guides, view ‘how-to’ videos and/or access one-on-one support.

What if I need technical support on Play HQ?

We have a dedicated customer service team that can help, here.

I am logged into my club and cannot see my club?

If you have been given access to your local club as an admin, please ensure you are logging in via as this is the Admin Portal. If you require further assistance, contact our dedicated support team, here.

How can I get added as an admin on PlayHQ for my local club?

Contact your local league or State/Territory Community Football Manager about being added into PlayHQ for your football club. 

I am trying to add in a new club administrator, however when I save the record it comes up with a different name?

It seems the same email address has been used to register an account for someone else (i.e. child) in PlayHQ. We recommend setting up an admin account with a different email or changing the email address in the existing account.

Why can’t I see players in my teams ‘previous players’ section?

The player must have been assigned to a team via the allocations area and played at least 1 game. If they have then been unallocated from that team, they will show in the previous player's section. However, if they have not been assigned to the team in the allocations area and were simply added to fill in for a game, they will not show.

Why can’t I update and save my competition settings?

If you are seeing a greyed out ‘Update & Save’ button, it’s likely that you need to select a Game Sheet Template as one of your default settings. On the Competitions > Settings > Defaults page, ensure you have ticked the ‘AFL team sheet’ option.

Can I register on behalf of someone else?

The platform has been built to make it very easy for participants to register themselves, there is a profile matching feature to claim their profile & history from the previous system. You should not register someone else other than yourself or your child.

Can a participant change their email address after they have registered?

Yes! Log into your PlayHQ profile, select ‘my account’ and then click ‘Change Email’.

Can participants add Government vouchers?

PlayHQ Currently has functionality to accept all Major Government participation vouchers (e.g., Active Kids Voucher). These have been built to be accepted by customers at the point of registration.

How do umpires register?

OfficialsHQ to manage umpire availability, appointments, payments and match day paperwork. Upon registration, umpires will have access to a range of benefits designed to improve the overall education and training available. 

Does PlayHQ have payment plans?

Currently the whole registration fee must be paid at time of registration. There is the use of ‘vouchers’ within PlayHQ which your club could look to utilise for specific situations.

What does the PlayHQ platform cost my club?

Clubs can access and use the system free of charge. For Clubs transacting through the platform there is a reduced platform fee of 1.8% which encourages clubs to take online registration payments and reduce volunteer burden in chasing manual payments.

If we take payments through PlayHQ, what details will be on the payments?

You will receive a copy of invoice for each registration and you will be able to run a report to reconcile any payments received in their bank account.

When will player transfers open for 2024?

Player transfers will open on 1st February 2024. For more information on the transfer period please click here (link to documents on resources).

What is the time limit for transfer requests?

The following rules apply: 

All organisations will be given a combined total of 6 days after the request is created for both the source club and association to approve the request. All approvals are due by 12:01:00 AM on the due date.

After the 6 days (144 hours from transfer submission), the request will be auto approved. Checks are completed every 6 hours on the due date to determine when the transfer will be auto approved.

As such, the 6 hourly approval scripts each day run at various times depending on time zone but as a guide please see below:

  • 4am (AEST) or 5am (AEDT) - (UTC 17:00)
  • 10am (AEST) or 11am (AEDT) - (UTC 23:00)
  • 4pm (AEST) or 5pm (AEDT) - (UTC 05:00)
  • 10pm (AEST) or 11pm (AEDT) - (UTC - 11:00)

The source association may never have an opportunity to approve or decline the request if the source club doesn't action the request within 6 days. The behaviours above only apply if the source association and destination association are different. If they are the same, the association is treated like a destination association, and therefore they are not instantly bypassed if the source club doesn’t action the request in time.