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Youth Coaching Curriculum

The Youth Coaching Curriculum (YCC) is specifically designed for football coaches working with players aged 13-18 and offers a structured curriculum comprising age-specific training blocks tailored to the needs of players within the 13-18 age range. Each training block includes session learning focuses, activity instructions, coaching constraints, and essential coaching insights.
Youth Coaching Curriculum
Section 1

Designing a Training Activity

Training activities give players opportunities to learn how to explore and adapt their skills in different situations. 

This video outlines how you can use the Training Activity Template to design an activity to include in your training session. 

Section 2

Designing a Training Session

A training session includes several different training activities that are designed to achieve an overall learning focus. As you plan your session, keep in mind that the general aim is to create activities that are fun and engaging and that allow players to get lots of chances to practice their skills in different game situations. 

A fun Training session has:

  • All players actively involved in games that are engaging and suited to their skill level
  • Activities fast paced and not too difficult.
  • Minimal waiting for their turn
  • Short and sharp directions from the coach 

We’re created templates for coaches to easily map their training sessions. Check out how to best design your sessions with the below video.

Section 3

Rookie Me Coach

CoachAFL and Rookie Me have partnered together to provide all accredited coaches of Australian Football with an innovative online platform, set to take your coaching to the next level. Gain access to the Youth Coaching Curriculum resources including sessions and insights through the Rookie Me Coach platform.

As part of your CoachAFL membership, you have a FREE subscription to the Rookie Me Coach platform. 

Section 4

Download the Youth Coaching Curriculum

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