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Here's your guide to creating an Auskick centre that's welcoming and inclusive for every child and family. Find tips, checklists, and types of Access All Abilities (AAA) centres to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the game.

All Auskick centres are inclusive and accessible to everyone. Learn how to make your centre inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Access All Abilities (AAA) centres are for players with disability and their families who may prefer a centre that has taken steps to provide additional support for young people with disabilities. Before promoting your centre as AAA, make sure you have reached out to your regional manager so that can help support you. 


  • Use a diverse range of images to promote and welcoming and inclusive centre 
  • Complete a venue accessibility audit  (this link will be on AllPlay page)
  • Know what type of Disability Inclusion Auskick centre (see below) you want to be
  • Have completed the AllPlay Footy Disability Inclusion Coaching Course
  • We understand who in our group identifies as living with disability and have considered alternative areas to hold sessions if needed 
  • We have identified a quiet space within our centre for young people and families to use if needed
  • We are committed to displaying each session visually, eg. on a whiteboard, prior to the start of each session

There are three types of Access All Abilities Auskick centres - Disability Specific, Side by Side, and Integrated. Here’s what that means for Auskick coordinators:

Disability Specific
Stand-alone centres set up specifically for young people with disability, usually located at a Specialist School or Early Intervention Centre. These centres can provide a greater level of support, which may create the best Auskick experience for the young person.

Side by Side
Side by Side centres allow a group specifically for young people with disability to operate alongside the group within an existing Auskick centre. The group of young people with disability are given a bit more space and support and have flexibility to move between their group and the existing group as they like.

An integrated Auskick centre has all young people, both with and without disability, playing footy together. It’s important that coordinators and coaches review registrations to see who identifies as living with disability, and adapt your session to support the needs of each player. 


We have a range of assets you can use to promote your centre.

We have a range of assets you can use to promote your centre.


  • Always tag @AFLAuskick when promoting the program across Facebook, and Instagram. This ensures users can see more from Auskick and we can reshare your great pictures!
  • Our official hashtags are: #NABAFLAuskick #Auskick #ThisIsAuskick #JointheFun
  • Be active on your pages and post regularly
  • Location tag where possible – this will help share your message to more people who are searching in the area


Need help setting up? From setup tips to emailing participants and insurance info - we’ve got your back!

What is PlayHQ?

PlayHQ is NAB AFL Auskick's registration and administrative platform. In order to get started you need to activate your centre on PlayHQ. 

How to use video here.

User manual here.



We are able to help you in setting up your centre for the year!

Simply watch our how to use PlayHQ video above or contact your regional manager who can help walk you through the steps. 

For any further questions please reach out to our friendly team at 1800 PLAY AFL. 

We recommend utilising Mailchimp as your email platform. It is as simple as setting up an account (if you don't already have one) and enabling an integration in PlayHQ will feed your list straight to Mailchimp via a secure API. For more assistance you can utilise this guide here.

This document details our general liability and certificate of capacity as applicable to Auskick

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