Next Generation Academies

About the program

The AFL Club Next Generation Academies are a joint initiative between the AFL and AFL Clubs, aimed at increasing the opportunities for young people to learn about and play the game of Australian Rules football. The program is targeted at Multicultural and Indigenous communities who may not have as much opportunity to be involved in football programs, or who have limited understanding of the game and how it is played. Whilst the programs focus is on these non-traditional football communities, it is a program that is available to all young players of any skill level aged 11 – 18 years old.

How the program works

Ages: 11–18
For: Males
Experience: Beginner to Advanced
Cultural: Indigenous / Multicultural

AFL Clubs each have a designated region to run their own Next Generation Academy Program, which may involve a variety of activities including:

  • Australian Rules Football Clinics and skills sessions
  • ‘Come and Try’ days involving an introduction to Australian Rules football
  • Leadership and Teamwork programs
  • Fitness Testing and training programs
  • Education sessions (i.e. Cultural Awareness, Nutrition, Health Living, etc.)

Participants will be exposed to an elite football environment through top-level coaching, first-class facilities and expertise across health, fitness and personal development.  Each Clubs program may differ slightly, but will involve multiple sessions across each of these key areas, that will be conducted through school holidays and/or out of hour’s programs.

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