NAB AFL Superkick

Supercharge your game - Your next footy challenge awaits!



We want girls to feel comfortable and safe playing Superkick! All-Girls options are available, whether that be an All-Girls centre or group at a program, there is something for all.

Superkick Kit

Aside from 10 weeks of fun and friendships, NAB AFL Superkickers at a community centre also get an exclusive Superkick kit. The kit contains a sports bag, precision footy to practice your skills, pump, socks and a bracelet!

Safety First, Always

Safety is our top priority and through modified tackle free match play, Superkick is suitable to all abilities and experience levels.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

NAB AFL Superkick is a modified version of AFL that focuses on skill development for 8- to 12-year-olds. That means - tackle free, highly social, shorter seasons and no training required! It’s a great way for those with zero or limited experience to get introduced to AFL and for those current or past players who want to keep fit and play some footy with friends.

Superkick is the perfect way to get you feeling confident in learning and developing your footy and match play skills! Sessions are tailored for you to learn at your own pace and ability and spend time putting into action. Whereas Auskick is about learning the fundamental skills of Australian Rules football through game-based activities.

Superkick is all in one session at the same location each week, so it’s easy to slot into a jam-packed activity schedule! Teams range from 5-9 players per side in modified match-play, so kids feel safe learning footy and building confidence, while still having fun. Junior Footy is the game you love, but tailored to a smaller footballer. Junior footy offers structure of training one day and matches another.