Policies and handbooks


Dive into the comprehensive guide on community football policies, covering topics from player registration, coach and umpire accreditation, to health & safety measures, and disciplinary procedures. This handbook ensures the integrity, safety, and inclusivity of the sport at the community level.

Concussion Management

From recognising and managing concussions, match day procedures, to educational videos and coaching resources, ensure player safety and adherence to guidelines in Australian Football.

Laws of the game

Dive into the foundational rules that govern Australian Football, ensuring it remains a thrilling and safe sport for all. These laws champion fairness, sportsmanship, and prioritise player safety in a game renowned for its physical contact.


Delve into the topics of incident management, recovery, and overall engagement. From promoting equality and respect in the sport to setting clear codes of conduct for all stakeholders, the AFL ensures a safe and inclusive environment for everyone involved.

AFL Gender Diversity Policy

Championing inclusivity, the AFL stands firm in its commitment to ensure everyone, regardless of gender identity, has the opportunity to participate in community Australian Football competitions.

Match Day & Return Safety Procedures

Protocols for match day injuries and post-concussion return-to-play guidelines. Access vital forms and resources to ensure player safety and adherence to best practices.