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Concussion Management

Ensuring the safety and well-being of players through comprehensive guidelines and resources for managing sport-related concussions in Australian Football.
Management of Sport Related Concussion
Section 1

Recognising & Managing Concussion

Learn about the initial steps in managing sport-related concussions, including recognizing a suspected concussion, removing the player from the game, and referring them to a medical doctor for assessment.

View Poster: Concussion Recognition Tool 5 (1 page, step-by-step guide)

Section 2

Return to Play Protocol

Understand the guidelines for a player's return to play following a concussion, which includes a brief period of complete physical and cognitive rest, a period of symptom-limited activity, a graded loading program, and clearance by a medical doctor.

View Flowchart: Four Stages of Graded Return to Play (1 page)

View Checklist: Return to Play Following Concussion (1 page)

View Form: Return to Play Medical Clearance Form (2 page)

Section 3

Match Day Procedures

Gain insights into the procedures and forms utilised on match day to manage head injuries and potential concussions, ensuring player safety and adherence to guidelines.

View Form: Match Day Head Injury & Referral Form (2 page)

Section 4

Comprehensive Concussion Management

Explore the detailed guide on managing sport-related concussions in Australian Football, providing a thorough understanding of the steps, protocols, and guidelines to follow.

Downloads: The Management of Sport-Related Concussion in Australian Football


Section 5

Videos & Testimonials

Watch videos where AFL players like Jack Riewoldt and Jude Bolton discuss their experiences and the seriousness of concussions in the sport, providing real-world insights into the impact and importance of proper management.

Watch Video: Jack Riewoldt discusses his experience

Watch Video: Jude Bolton discusses concussion seriousness

Section 6

Coaching & Skill Development

Explore posters designed to assist coaches in preparing players with the skills necessary to play safely and understand the importance of recognising and managing concussions.



Section 7

Concussion Management App

Discover the Headcheck Concussion Management App, a tool designed to assist in managing and tracking concussions, ensuring adherence to guidelines and player safety.

Download Headcheck Concussion Management App

Section 8

Concussion Education Course

Engage in a short course related to sport-related concussions, enhancing your understanding and ability to manage concussions effectively in a sporting context.

Watch (15 mins): Sport-Related Concussion Short Course