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Making some time for planning is imperative to a successful & sustainable club.
Section 1

Vision Statement

Establishing a Vision Statement helps the club articulate its aspirations. An ambitious statement about what the club wants to be to help inspire current (& prospective) people associated with the club.
Section 2

Mission Statement

Clubs should either have a Mission Statement in place (that needs to be reviewed from time to time) or would benefit from establishing a Mission Statement to help guide decisions by the Club.
Section 3

Establishing Club Values

The values set the tone and direction for the whole club so it’s important to involve a range of stakeholders including club members, club committee, parents and club alumni during the development phase.
Section 4

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is useful for guiding day-to-day decisions, and for evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward. It helps by identifying goals and objectives and developing ways of achieving them. Download Template:
Strategic Planning Template
Section 5

Planning Process & Stages

The club committee needs to consider planning for the short and long term. Short-term planning relates to planning for specific events of up to 12 months, whereas long-term planning involves a longer period, between 12 months and five years. A strategic plan is considered a long-term plan.
Section 6

SWOT Analysis

Clubs seeking a simple, yet effective solution should first consider conducting a “SWOT” analysis. (Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats) with simple actions established following this analysis. Some templates are provided to help.

The AFL strongly recommend that clubs complete the simple modules developed by the Australian Sports Commission through their Game Plan. Work through the modules one at a time to give you guidance to what you focus on as your highest priority.

Download Template
Section 7

Season Long Planning

The following season long calendar can assist the Committee with planning for the key tasks that need to be completed.

Learn how you can plan and promote a themed round, including Big Freeze Community Round, or Community Umpiring Week.

Please note, different States and Territories may have rules and requirements imposed by different authorities around holding events on ANZAC Day. Any queries on this from clubs or leagues can be directed to your AFL State and Territory governing body.

Download Season Planner Calendar Template Guide to Community Themed Rounds