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Whatever resources you need to officiate a game, we’ve got them all right here.

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OfficialsHQ is the one-stop-shop for your umpiring needs, including registration, payment, rostering, and more. 

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From season configuration to umpire panels updates, we’ve got all your resources here. 


Aside from what’s taught in training, we pair new recruits with more experienced umpires to act as mentors. Just ask your coach to help find you a good fit. 

Umpire Respect

Unfortunately, umpires can be the target of on-field abuse. But it’s not their job to stop it. The ‘Umpire Respect’ campaign is here to show the impact of umpire bullying and highlight how it’s all of our responsibility to make matchday a supportive and positive environment. 

The AFL Integrity Reporting Portal allows members, including umpires, to make a report relating to allegations that may contravene the AFL Rules and Policies. Make a complaint here.