Footy Stories

Before the Session

Read why some people want to play NAB AFL Auskick and get outside!

See what fun activities happen at NAB AFL Auskick!

Click below to see what a typical NAB AFL Auskick session will operate like!

Find out how to have fun whilst learning new things at NAB AFL Auskick sessions!

See how other prepare for their first NAB AFL Auskick session!

During the Session

Click below to learn about meeting other players during your NAB AFL Auskick sessions.

Understand more about playing group activities and with others at your NAB AFL Auskick sessions!

Learn more about being in crowds at your NAB AFL Auskick sessions.

Use the link below to access the NAB AFL Auskick mini-match rules.

Find out more about what to do if you make contact with another player at your NAB AFL Auskick sessions!

You may get muddy and/or wet at your NAB AFL Auskick sessions, so click the link to see what to do!

View the below footy story to learn what to do when we don't do the things that we want to at NAB AFL Auskick.

There are plenty of loud noises at NAB AFL Auskick, click below to learn how to react and act in these scenarios.

The document below will show you what happens when things change at NAB AFL Auskick.

Click the link below to discover what to do if you ever get angry at your NAB AFL Auskick sessions.

Other Footy Stories

The link below demonstrates how and why exercise is good for your health.

Click below to create your own story about your favourite AFL Team!

Find out what happens when your NAB AFL Auskick centre has it's turn to play at haltime of an AFL Football game!

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